Dentistry for Children

We provide gentle dental care for even the smallest smiler!

We feel that a young patient’s first visit to the dentist is very important and should be as pleasant as possible. Our office recommends bringing your child in for the first visit at the very least by age 4.

Prior to their first visit, we welcome you to bring your infant or toddler into our office with you when you have simple visits scheduled.┬áThis will help your child to become acclimated to the dental office environment. A child’s first visit will consist of a dental cleaning and exam. We aim to make this visit easy and fun for your child.

We speak to children on their level to provide comfort and put them at ease. During their first visit, we don’t examine their teeth, we “count” them. We don’t take x-rays, we take “pictures”. We don’t polish their teeth, we “tickle” them.

If we use nitrous oxide on a second visit, we pretend the child is an astronaut flying a spaceship. We don’t use a needle, but a “metal straw”. We use magic water to put the tooth to sleep. The drill becomes a “water whistle” and the suction vacuum is “Mr. Thirsty”.

With comforting language and well developed skills, we can assure you that your children will be treated gently. Their dental visit will be fun and they will grow up enjoying their visits to the dentist!

Of course our reception room includes an alcove filled with child-friendly books and safe toys. Upon completion of a successful visit, children leave with a balloon and a visit to our toy drawer. As a reward for a positive dental visit, children can select their very own prize from the toy drawer.